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Garage system by DevJames. Possible best public garage system.

ESX Garage Script

## Requirements
* [es_extended](https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended)
* [esx_vehicleshop](https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_vehicleshop)

## Features
– Multiple garages, synced between vehicles.
– If you put a vehicle in one garage you can’t pick it out of another.
– It saves tyres, windows, doors, fuel, body, engine and syncs it the next time you take it out. If the car is burning well its gonna burn when you pick it out.
– Cool animation when showing the vehicle to pick out.
– You see the vehicle before you take it out.

## Preview

* [Screenshot](https://gyazo.com/df35a78e2a192cc5b82b07b9681bbaab)
* [Video](https://streamable.com/ozdvu)

## Config files
* config.lua

## Installation

1. Add the sql to the database
2. Add the resource
3. Put start garage in server.cfg

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