FiveM Fire Department – Fire Hose (LSFD script)

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FiveM Fire Department Premium Package

This Script Can Be Used As Standalone,ESX, And QBUS, Depending On The Config Settings, If need be you can request a transfer to any other framework after purchase on our discord.

  • Works On Both Fire Trucks And Fire Hydrants
  • Supports Hose To Give A Realistic Look
  • Realistic Water Spray (Controlled By The Player And Synced)
  • Interactive Water Cannon (Can Interact With The World Such As Pushing Vehicles/NPCs)
  • Water Cannon Can Interact With Fire And Take It Out
  • Water Supply System, FireTrucks Have Limited Water Supply (You can change the consumption rate in the configs)
  • Connect Fire Hydrants To FireTrucks With Hose For Unlimited Water Supply
  • Cool Water HUD To Display The Water Supply (Thanks To ‘thers frfuel’)
  • Multiple People Can Connect To The Same FireTruck/Hydrant
  • Hose Length Is Changeable
  • Hose Breaks And The Hydrant Explodes If Expanded Beyond Max Length (Can Be Disabled)
  • Fire Hydrants Can Be Used As Water Cannons (Can Be Disabled In The Configs)
  • Supports Locales
  • Hose Placing/Taking Sounds
  • More Specific Truck Configuration: Attach Offsets, 3D Text Offset, Other Trucks Attachment Offset, Supply Capacity, Enable/Disable The Ability To Share Supplies, Specific Weapons For Each Truck: Water, Foam, Pressure
  • A Synced Water Supply Merging And Sharing System (Truck To Truck, And Hydrant To Truck, Combinations Not Limited)
  • Foam Gun And Pressurized Water Gun
  • Adjust Water And Foam Pressure
  • Pressurized Water And Foam Actually Take Out Fire, Including World Generated Ones Such As Molotov And More
  • Switch Between Water, Foam And Pressurized Water Easily With Mouse Middle Key(Can Be Changed)
  • Adjust Pressure For Each Gun Separately Using Left And Right Arrow Keys(Can Be Changed)
  • UI Based Capacity Indicator
  • UI Settings File, Ability To Use Vanilla HUD Or New HUD And Customize Them Such As Color, Height, And Position
  • Change How The Messages Are Displayed, 3D, Notification, Subtitle
  • A Lot More Advanced Settings
  • Well Optimized
  • And Much More…
  • Standalone, ESX, And QBUS Framework (ESX And QBUS Have Job Whitelist, Standalone Contains Identifier Whitelist)
  • Perfectly Synced
  • One sync Compatible

Firescript Features

  • Whitelisted Commands: startfire, stopfire, stopallfires, setfireaop, enablerandomfires
  • Discord Webhooks For Logs (Can Be Disabled In The Config)
  • Supports Standalone, ESX, QBUS, And Can Be Edited To Support Any Framework
  • Supports Fire Warnings, Map Ping, Map Blips, Chat Messages (Can Be Edited And Disabled)
  • Support Multiple Fire Types, Available: normal, normal2, chemical, electrical, bonfire (You Can Add As Many As You Want)
  • Each Fire Type Have Multiple Configurations Such As: Fire Particles, Scale, Lifetime, Smoke During The Fire And After The Fire Is Out, And More (Every Detail Of The Fire Can Be Edited)
  • Random Fires, AOP Based, Have As Many Locations As You Need, Each Random Fire Have Customizable Configs Such As: Position, Number Of Flames, Spread Distance, Fire Type, And Timeout If The Fire Is Not Taken Out (Every Detail Can Be Edited)
  • Major Parts Of The Code Are Unlocked, Having The Ability To Edit The Script Freely And Integrate It With Other Scripts
  • Fire Start And Fire End Events Client Side And Server Side To Help With Integrations
  • Works With Vanilla Water, Such As Plane Water, Helicopter Water, Fire Hose Water, Fire Truck Water, Fire Extinguishers, etc…
  • Onesync Compatible
  • And Much More, Check The Pictures Below

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  • 100% Open Source
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