FiveM NoPixel Inventory V2.0 Full


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NoPixel Fivem Inventory V2.0 Full System

+ Icons + Shops + Weapon System + Loadout + Taskbar + Taskbar Skill + Action bar + Banking

The latest version of the original NoPixel FiveM Inventory for es_extended version v1


  • Dropping and dragging
  • Items used
  • Shops
  • Taskbar
  • Icons
  • Dropping items
  • Giving items
  • Cash included
  • Support for accounts (bank, black money, etc.)
  • Support for weapons
  • Support for another player’s inventory
  • Configurable (check config. Lua and html/js/config.js)
  • Included locale files (see locales/ and HTML/locales/ directories)
  • Support for esx_property
  • Easy integration with esx_shops
  • Storages of jobs (societies)
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