Flashbang script


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Script has seperate config file where you can set up things like:

  • Weapon label
  • Time to explosion
  • Enabling / disabling voice chat while being fully flashed (works with mumble-voip and pma-voice)
  • Effect duration
  • Sound effect volume
  • Range in which grenade works

Optimisation: 0.1 ms idle, 0.05ms max while working

Use this flashbang for your police roleplay!

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for all the people with the QBCORE- this is how you make it work.

add this to qbcore/shared/weapons.lua

[weapon_flashbang] = {[‘name’] = ‘weapon_flashbang’, [‘label’] = ‘flashbang’, [‘ammotype’] = nil, [‘damagereason’] = ‘Bombed / Exploded / Detonated / Blew up’},

add this to qbcore/shared/items.lua

[‘weapon_grenade’] = {[‘name’] = ‘weapon_grenade’, [‘label’] = ‘Grenade’, [‘weight’] = 1000, [‘type’] = ‘weapon’, [‘ammotype’] = nil, [‘image’] = ‘images/weapon_grenade.png’, [‘unique’] = true, [‘useable’] = false, [‘description’] = ‘A handheld throwable bomb’},

add this to qb-weapons/client/main.lua inside of lines 180-181
elseif QBCore.Shared.Weapons[weapon][“name”] == “weapon_flashbang” then
TriggerServerEvent(‘QBCore:Server:RemoveItem’, “weapon_flashbang”, 1)
replace line 449 inside of qb-inventory/client/main.lua with this
elseif weaponName == “weapon_stickybomb” or weaponName == “weapon_pipebomb” or weaponName == “weapon_smokegrenade” or weaponName == “weapon_flare” or weaponName == “weapon_proxmine” or weaponName == “weapon_ball” or weaponName == “weapon_molotov” or weaponName == “weapon_grenade” or weaponName == “weapon_flashbang” or weaponName == “weapon_bzgas” then


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