Football / Soccer (Minigame)


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FiveM Football/Soccer Minigame

When he goes to the NPC named Richard, if the match is not being played and the carpet field is not used, he can rent the football field by pressing the “E” key. As many outside players can participate or as many spectators as they want. Scoreboard and match time will be displayed synchronously for both spectators and players. The movements of the ball and the players are server-side. Thanks to this, it works completely synchronously. Only minimal data is processed on the server side. This means that even if you have the worst server in the world, your server will never slow down. The resource places very little load on both the client side and the server side. The player can pass with the “Q” key, shoot with the “E” key, Cross Pass with the “Z” key, and rainbow feint with the “G” key. Hit forces and dynamics can be changed as you wish from the config file. After the match lasting 15 minutes, the scoreboard and time are reset. The ball disappears and the field becomes available for lease again.

REQ: Install Polyzone for the script!



  • Fully Synchronized
  • Works With FiveM Infinity
  • Fully Optimized Serverside (Can works seamless at toast machine)
  • Fully Optimized Clientside (Can works seamless at toast machine)
  • Spectators Can See Scoreboard and Time
  • A Player can always join the Match.

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