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GTA Online like character creator


Hereby I present you the closest thing to the original GTA:O Character creator.
This however is not just a ‘simple recreation’ of the standard character creator, it includes a lot of work, research and effort to ensure optimal functionality for the following features:

  • You can fully customize your characters looks.
  • It has build in (native) translation (which many other mod’s don’t use) so it doesn’t need locale/language files to be changed for your server!
  • 128 outfits available, and made sure they are all without clipping underlying clothing or body parts.
  • Only requires spawnmanager
  • It does NOT require any framework, yet it is able to implement it to your own framework (on your server!)

NOTE: It has not (yet) been tested with any framework like ESX, vRP etc!

The character creator will run automatically if it doesn’t recognized an saved skin in the skin directory, otherwise it will just (re-)load the previously created skin for the user on return.

It can also be manually triggered by using:


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