Key System (T1GER)

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Car Menu:

  • See a list of owned vehicle keys; click to borrow key to closest player.
  • Control vehicle windows & doors.
  • Turn engine & neon on or off.
  • See insured vehicles (requires T1GER Insurances).


  • Configurable key to lock/unlock vehicles.
  • Whitelist job vehicles in config for lock system.
  • Prop emote, GTA sounds, effects and lights upon locking/unlocking.
  • Lock/unlocked stolen NPC vehicles, if player has the keys.
  • Lock owned vehicles if player has borrowed keys.


  • Lockpick parked & locked cars around San Andreas (requires NPC car locking script, snippet on my discord for this too).
  • Configurable chances for lockpick & hotwire success.
  • Lockpick player owned vehicles.
  • Integrated police alerts, use your own in utils.lua file.
  • Item requirement for lockpicking, hotwiring available after lockpicking.

Alarm System:

  • Buy vehicle alarms for owned vehicles.
  • Different types of alarms, the better the lower chances of successful lockpicking.
  • Alarm prices are based on vehicle purchase price.

Steal NPC Cars:

  • Aim at NPC vehicles to steal their cars.
  • Configurable chance of receiving NPC vehicle keys.
  • NPC will alert police after Grand Theft Auto is complete.
  • Search vehicles for loot – maybe sell them to a pawnshop?


  • Test with OneSync, fully compatible and synced between all players.
  • Works very well with T1GER Insurances & T1GER Car Dealer with configurable options.
  • Almost everything is config based.
  • Language file included to easily translate the script.

– ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
– ProgressBars (link in README or use your own)

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