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LSPA Clothing and Vehicle Livery package for FiveM

EUP package. 2 GB. Male & female

With EUP script and numbers! Plug & Play.

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Step One, The Basics:
– Download the FiveM Ready EUP (https://forum.cfx.re/t/emergency-uniform-pack-client-server-sided-easy-install-update-5-0-announcement/97599)
Install EUP following the creators instructions

Step Two, installing the uniforms:
– Head into LSPA Uniform Package\FiveM\eup-stream
– Drag and Drop all the files into your own eup-stream resource

Step Three, the Third Party stuff:
By now, You got the base of the Package installed.
-Now head into LSPA Uniform Package\(Required Third-Party Content [FiveM & Singleplayer]
-Install the Third Party Models, following the instructions that you can find in every folder.

Step Four, the Menu that changes your life:
– Head into LSPA Uniform Package\FiveM\Exclusive EUP UI\Drop it in your resources
– Drag and Drop the folder named ” scully_eupui ” into your resources
– Add ” start scully_eupui ” in your server’s startup config.

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  1. VITO 『G59』

    Good quality.

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