Luck Games System V1 [Minigames] (ESX/QB/VRP/STANDALONE)


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    This script is a set of games of chance, in which the player can spend money in search of a good prize.



  • Access to full script code.
  • No IP Blocking.
  • We use FiveM Assets, for future script updates, with no encryption.
  • It has support for ESX, QBCore and VRP. And if you have a different framework, you can easily configure it in the Framework_Standalone.lua file.
  • You can easily translate the graphical interface and configure the script in the Config.lua file
  • In all, the script has 4 games
  • The server owner can choose to give awards in cash, items or weapons.
  • The server owner can disable any of the games.
  • To avoid hackers, the script creates server-side sessions with the aim of preventing someone from winning awards without actually playing and paying.
  • It has integration with Discord’s Webhooks, thus creating a Log system to verify the creation of sessions, who lost and who won a game.


    We know there is great concern about hackers. To avoid them, the script creates sessions and simulates the game on the server side. Thus, a player only gets the award if he has won the game on the server side. Even if a hacker tries to call an event from the server, he will be blocked and get nothing out of it, as the script checks sessions and plays before giving any awards to a player. The server will be alerted whenever someone performs any suspicious activity in the script.

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Video preview of the minigames



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