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This is a mechanic script that allows you to modify visually your vehicles and tune them as well.
This script has all the available visual modifications that most scripts lack, including a nice and user friendly UI.


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  • Every visual / upgrade modification available.
  • Jobs integration for whitelist mechanic points and public ones with different prices.
  • Smooth camera movement between vehicle parts.
  • Every visual / upgrade modification can have a unique price based on vehicle cost.


The only real dependency in the resource is es_extended v1 (resource uses this mainly for the jobs).
Other base for jobs will not be supported by me but you can always modify the source code at your own risk.


Out of the box this resource works with ESX for cash money but can be easily modified to use your base by changing the code (at your own risk) inside the functions in the files


  1. Edit

    to reflect your setup and your preferences (all options come with a description inside the config itself explaining their use).
  2. Add ensure lls-mechanic to your start.cfg file after the dependencies resources (es_extended).

Important Information

  • This resource will not work without the ESX base (es_extended v1).
  • This resource is compatible with OneSync.
  • It is not recommended to change any file that is not inside the config folder. If you decide to do so, it will be at your own risk and no further support will be given.

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