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FiveM Medic NPC (for free) only on ESX-Scripts.com This script is basically for to be used in the server when there are no ems /doctors available in the server the players will get an option to pay and get helped/revived on there spot present by a moving ambulance with a doctor!


  • This script is a very useful for huge servers where the population have no option rather than respawning every time they will get to experience more rp by this method!
  • The ems ped in the ambulance can come from anywhere it doesn’t matter where you are located and it will be in a well mannered way
  • Money/fees of the ambulance and the ems ped will be deducted for there service!
  • The driving manner of the ped is very well organized it wont drive recklessly!
  • This script is highly configurable according to your choice all of the options you see in the video and features are editable with the notifications!
  • This script is basically for enhancing and bringing up more rp in the server rather than respawning!
  • This script supports ESX and QB and if any excessive support needed hit me up!
  • It will automatically adapt to your framework whether ESX/QB basically its a put and run script!
  • This script is uploaded on GitHub so you guys can request pull requests so feel free to add some required and useful changes.
  • Feel free to do whatever you like with this script just don’t edit and resell lol!
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