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  • Name: Advanced Roleplay Environment (visn_are)
  • This script simulates a whole health system on the player.
  • You will be able to enjoy a completly new roleplay experience with it. Read the details for more information.

Package Details

  • Pulse, blood pressure, blood level and pain simulation
  • Custom game objects created for the system, such as a morphine syringe or a bandage
  • Nice, compact and modern ui
  • All areas or bones are vulnerable. Any area of the body can bleed and can be stitched if needed.
  • Various infusions can be injected into circulation, such as morphine or epinephrine, which have influence on the simulation
  • Medical operations can be done from non-medics
  • A clear activity history to have an exact tracking of the actions already carried out.
  • Different sounds to improve the atmosphere. Such as defibrillator noises, heart beat noises and much more.
  • It is possible to carry an unconscious person.
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