NoPixel Beehive Job V2


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Original Beehive job

Inspired by NoPixel 3.0 – works with ESX and QBus

resource is optimized

Dependencies : ghmattimysql , ld-taskbar(or np-taskbar), nh-context, isPed, ld-polyzone, bt-target(or any target based of bt-target)
Run the SQL.
and add this items to your “items” table
start ld-polyzone
start isPed (You dont must setup, just using for job check)
start ld-taskbar
start nh-context
start bt-target
start ld-beekeeping
Look Config!
Target Export :

local beehive = {
AddTargetModel(beehive, {
options = {
event = “ld-beekeeping:checkBeehive”,
icon = “fas fa-archive”,
label = “Check”,
event = “ld-beekeeping:harvestHive”,
icon = “fas fa-hand-holding-water”,
label = “Harvest”,
job = {“all”},
distance = 3

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