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ns Phone


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This script was made for the ESX Framework and works only with this framework.


  • Compatible with ESX 1.2 (1.1 not tested)
  • Compatible with the following voice plugins:
  • Low CPU usage
  • Clean animations
  • No performance issues
  • No exploits
  • Contacts
    • Edit your existing contacts
    • Delete your contacts
    • Set & remove contacts as favourite
    • Share your contacts to your nearest player
    • Call or message them directly within the contact page
  • Notes
    • Create your notes
    • Edit your notes
    • Delete notes
  • Settings
    • Turn on/off your sounds
    • Change your background
    • Change your lockscreen
  • Health
    • Your steps are being counted and saved each night at 00:00 into the database
    • Statistic page
  • Emergency Calls
    • Send a emergency call to any job you want (Selectable in the database)
    • Set a waypoint to the dispatch or delete them if you’re done
  • Calls
    • Call anyone you want to
  • Messages
    • Write a message to one of your contacts or someone you dont have as a contact
  • Marketplace App
    • Add anything you want
    • Delete your own posts
  • Wallet App
    • Show your current balance
    • Transfer money to other players (even if they’re not online)
  • Camera App
  • Radio App
    • Supports each Voice plugin from above
    • Join / Leave Radio channel
    • Restricted radio channel (for jobs)

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