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  • The camera is automatically positioned and rotated according to the NPC’s position and rotation (basically you just need to set the NPC’s coordinate and heading);
  • You can set up to 6 options/actions (it is possible and easy to add more if you want, just send me a message);
  • The okokTextUI script can be disabled by simply setting Config.OkokTextUI = false on the config file;
  • The animation time can be easily changed on the config file;
  • The minimap is hidden by default when interacting with an NPC (possible to disable it on the config file).

In the config file you are able to set:

  • The NPC you want to spawn;
  • The NPC name (that appears on the top of the interface);
  • The NPC’s dialog message;
  • The NPC coordinates and rotation;
  • The interaction range (how close you have to be to interact with them);
  • The options displayed on the interface and which event they trigger;
  • The jobs allowed to interact with the NPC (possible to have no jobs, just leave it empty).


This script is fully optimized.

Tested with 350 NPC’s:

  • Idle: 0.03-0.04ms;
  • Near an NPC: 0.07 – 0.12ms.
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