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This is a Vehicle Shop script with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. It contains a “business system” that allows players to buy dealerships and have their own employees.

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[Explanation] This is a Vehicle Shop script with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. It contains a “business system” that allows players to buy dealerships and have their own employees.


Check the images for showcase, or scroll down for video

[How it works] Informations:

  • There are 3 types of menus:
    • Vehicle shop (the menu that allows you to buy vehicles);
    • Business menu (for Owners/Employees);
    • Admin menu.
  • You can check the vehicles in stock;
  • You can change the vehicle color in real time;
  • You can make test drives:
    • When in a test drive, the player turns imortal;
    • If the player leaves the vehicle, the test will automatically end;
    • The player can cancel the test drive by typing ‘/cancel’ (changeable in the config file).
  • You can check the vehicle stats (max speed, acceleration, etc);
  • It has a nice vehicle display while in the vehicle shop, that shows every angle of the vehicle;
  • It contains a business system that allows you to:
    • Deposit/withdraw money into it;
    • Check who is your best employee;
    • Check what are the best selling vehicles;
    • Order and sell vehicles;
    • See the sales history;
    • Set the vehicles price;
    • Hire and fire employeeschange their grade and view their statistics.
  • When a business is sold, it gets updated to everyone in the server, allowing anyone to buy it;
  • As an employee of a vehicle shop you can:
    • Quit the job whenever you want by accessing the business menu;
    • Complete orders to earn money.
  • The admin menu allows you to:
    • Check all vehicle shops information;
    • Change the owner of a vehicle shop;
    • Change the money of a vehicle shop;
    • Add new vehicles to the vehicle shops as well as edit them after adding them;
  • It comes with 3 default vehicle shops (a normal vehicle shop (shown in the video), an air airplanes and helicopters shop and a boat shop);
  • It contains logs of every action possible.

In the config file you are able to set:

  • If you want to use okokTextUI 179;
  • If you want to use okokRequests 110;
  • If you want to use the same image for every vehicle;
  • If you want to hide the minimap when in the vehicle shop menu;
  • The camera transation time (when the vehicle shop menu is opened);
  • The test drive time;
  • The max vehicle speed and the type of speed, km/h or miles/h (used for UI purposes);
  • The command used to cancel the test drive;
  • The percentage of the car value an employee will receive when completing an order;
  • The command used to open the admin menu;
  • The percentage of discount the owner of a dealership will receive when ordering a vehicle;
  • The percentage of the dealership price the owner will receive back when selling it;
  • If you want to clear the dealership money when it gets sold;
  • The max dealerships per player;
  • The admin groups that can access the admin menu;
  • The job grades (you can add as many as you want);
  • A job rank that equals the owner permissions;
  • The different blips used in the script (e.g. truck, trailer, order, tow marker – used in the orders);
  • The vehicle shops information:
    • The shop name;
    • The shop coordinates;
    • The business menu coordinates;
    • The truck spawn coordinates (used in the orders);
    • The shop price;
    • The shop blip/marker;
  • The cameras positions;
  • The vehicle categories (you can add as many as you want);
  • The colors that appear on the vehicle shop menu;
  • All the different types of webhooks.

Notifications 171 are included. Text UI 179 is not included.

[Optimization] This script is fully optimized.

  • Idle: 0.00ms;
  • Near a blip: 0.03-0.04ms.

[Dependencies] okokNotify

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