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    QB Drug System

    FiveM Mods $29.63
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    # About

    • 4 Harvest Zones. (Weed, Opium, Methamphetamine and Cocaine)
    • The four drugs are made as follows: Picking, Processing and Packaging.
    • Can enable/disable XP/level system.
    • They can activate/deactivate items needed to get the drug.
    • All zones can be changed.
    • You can use qb-target in prop, or in zone.
    • All drugs have: Bad Quality, Medium Quality and High Quality.
    • You can smoke some drugs.

    # Information

    • [First-Step] – You need to find the locations of drugs.
    • [Second-Step]  – You use qb-target on plant and you can harvest the plant.
    • [Third-Step]  – After harvest plant you need find the location of processing.
    • [Fourth-Step]  – After processing you need to find the place to pack drugs.

    # About the Level System

    1. The level system depends on your process in the drug, each drug taking gives X experience, and you will evolve. The more experience you get.

    # Consumables

    • You can smoke some drugs and they give you bonus, you can choose the bonus between: Armor, Relieve Stress or Stamina.

    # Dependencies

    • qb-core / qb-menu / qb-target
    • Latest QBCore
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    QB BeanMachine Job

    FiveM Mods $15.35
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    # About
    • Optimized;
    • Many Features;
    • Full and easy customization;
    • 0.00ms.
    # Features
    • BeanMachine script with several options available;
    • 19 Juices;
    • 4 non-alcoholic drinks;
    • Billing players with targer / command;
    • Make Juices & Food.

    # Dependencies

    • qb-core / qb-input / qb-menu / qb-target
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    Opticom Traffic Light System

    ESX Scripts $15.46
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    This script allows you to have a Realistic Opticom Infrared system with many realistic features to enhance your gameplay. Note: This Script Can Be Used As Standalone, ESX, QBCORE, and Any Framework Features

    • Works On All Vehicles
    • Works With Every Framework
    • Heading To Traffic Light Turns Green On Detection
    • Nearby Traffic Lights Turn Red On Detection
    • Nearby AI Traffic Stops For The Emergency Vehicle once the Opticom Detects It
    • Works With All Traffic Lights Including Custom Ones
    • Whitelist Vehicles Other Than The Emergency Class Vehicles
    • Blacklist Vehicles From Being Detected
    • Traffic Lights And Traffic Resets After Detectance With A Defined Period Of Time
    • Multiple Configuration Options Including Detection Distance, Detection Range, Toggle Emergency Vehicle Class Whitelist, Toggle Traffic Stopping, And More
    • Well Optimized
    • And Much More…
    • Standalone, ESX, QBCORE, And Any Framework
    • Perfectly Synced
    • One sync Compatible

    Installation 1. Purchase the resource. 2. Check your email (And Spam Folder) for the resource 3. Place the resource files in your server’s resources folder! Note: The Script Can Be Used On Multiple Servers And Doesn’t Use The Escrow System! Usage You Can Enable/Disable The Emergency Vehicle Class Whitelist In Settings.ini Edit Any Configuration Needed Inside The Settings.ini

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    Gang Vagos Garage v2

    FiveM MLO / FiveM Maps $26.18
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Original by AfterLife RP

    Vagos style. You can edit all images/textures to fit your gang!

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    Halloween Map Square

    FiveM MLO / FiveM Maps $11.89
    Rated 0 out of 5
    • Map located in the central square, customized with Halloween props.
    • Optimized 60FPS+
    • Halloween Event
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    ESX Drugsale

    ESX Scripts $10.71
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Watch the video preview down below

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    FiveM Weed System (V4)

    ESX Scripts $26.18
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Plant weed trees anywhere and let it grow

    • Works even after server restarts
    • Saves all states of growing
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    Tuning Garage (SLB2k11)

    FiveM MLO / FiveM Maps $26.18
    Rated 0 out of 5

    FiveM Tuning Garage

    Watch the video preview down below

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    ESX Scripts $14.28
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Includes the MLO and script

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    qbCore Ultimate+ Server

    FiveM Mods $196.35

    The FPS is very high (120+ FPS) compared to 225+ scripts.

    You can find here premium & custom scripts that you will hardly see on a lot of servers. like:

    • Advanced multicharacter + Custom spawn system
    • Advanced Banking + Option to shared accounts
    • %95 of the server works with Eye Target
    • The best robbery system available that works with long progress [Bonus of VarHeist]
    • Adavnced weapons crafting system
    • Custom heist drug system
    • Advanced phone system
    • Civilian works (PizzaThis, CatCafe, BeanMachine, Electric Job, Popsdiner & Trucker Job & more 15+ jobs)
    • Best Police system (including Plist)
    • 225+ custom car packing & custom audio
    • To see more deatils of more scripts go to the pdf
    • Framework: QBCore

    Any questions? We are there to help. Customer satisfaction is our goal!

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    Blips Creator

    ESX Scripts $17.84
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    Blips Creator for FiveM servers

    This script allows players to create their own blips, and allows administrators to easily create global blips


    • Players can create, edit and delete their own blips very easily
    • Blips can be placed in the map without knowing any coordinates, or if you prefer, you can use coordinates too
    • Players can share their blips with anyone
    • Administrators can create, edit and delete global blips, which will be seen by all players
    • All blips can be hidden by the players, so if they prefer not seeing a blip that can be done easily
    • More than 500 icons can be used for the blips
    • All the blips can have a custom color
    • Blips can be shown in main map, minimap or both
    • Blips can be duplicated easily, so you can create multiple copies of a blip but in different locations
    • Standalone

    Blips types

    • Coordinates Blip – The player can choose the blip icon from hundreds of icons
    • Radius Blip – This blip will be a circle with radius defined by the player
    • Area Blip – This blip will be an area with customizable width and height


    1. Download the script
    2. Extract wherever you want into your resources
    3. Add ACE permission “blipcreator” to allow admins create global blips
    4. Add SQL file to database
    5. Add ensure blips_creator in your server.cfg

    How to add ACE permission?

    You should place this in server.cfg, and editing it with your license

    add_ace group.admin blipcreator allow # Add permission to group
    # Can also be identifier.steam:steamid
    add_principal identifier.license:1260e6efd3271584d7ed05n45cbf41575252acbc group.admin
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    FiveM Fishing script

    ESX Scripts $19.04
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Nopixel-style Fishing job

    Fisher Job

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    Advanced Tablet V1.0 [Standalone]

    FiveM Mods $16.66
    Rated 0 out of 5

    The tablet is made for beginners.
    inside there is information how you can make more menus and text if you need it everything is described.
    The source code is open you can change whatever you want.
    You can see the video below how it looks. (the video is in another language, but the tablet is fully translated into English)

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    Red Circle Nightclub

    FiveM MLO / FiveM Maps $39.27
    Rated 0 out of 5

    The Red Circle is a nightclub located in north Rockford in the sunshine hotel. This MLO interior includes serveral rooms and is constructed for roleplay.

    The interior includes:
    – Reception
    – Elevator
    – Stairway
    – Clothing booth
    – Dancefloor
    – DJ spot
    – VIP booths
    – Drink bar
    – Bathroom
    – Boss VIP apartement with balcony and bar

    Ready for a night out at Eclipse Boulevard? The Red Circle is a nightclub with VIP areas, bars, DJ booth and a spectacular dance floor. Roleplaying as an owner of this masterpiece? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered with an executive office with a private bar where you can conduct your business. To top this off the office also has access to a balcony with an outstanding view over Los Santos.

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    Dark Web (QB/ESX)

    ESX Scripts $17.85
    Rated 0 out of 5


    HOMEPAGE: View a text box, where you can input some of your own text. Aswell as recommended products.

    DRUGS, TOOLS & WEAPONS: A list of the products available, with a hover effect to add products to your cart.

    – esx legacy 1.3
    – server version 4752 or above to run

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    UJ Clothes Shop

    FiveM MLO / FiveM Maps $17.85
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Very nice Cloth shop with luxury style

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