Police System CAD/MDT


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  • Citizen database
    • List of all citizens
    • Create a report
    • Arrest warrants
  • Laws & Penalties
    • Create, edit, delete
    • Nested Laws & Penalties
    • If you made a report you can choose a fine and/or imprisonment depends on what you’ve clicked
  • Investigations
    • Add multiple citizens to investigation
    • Add multiple officers to investigation
  • Trainings
    • Set ranks as requirements to apply to a training
    • Full info about the training
  • Vehicle database
    • Search for any vehicles which are owned by a player
  • Bolos / Warrants
    • Create a bolo / warrants for either a citizen or a vehicle
  • Instructions*Create instructions to read the important messages
  • Control center
    • Create as many control areas as you want and set the maximum allowed amount of officers
  • Permissionsystem
    • Create ranks and give / revoke permissions
    • No limitations
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