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Originally created for my personal FiveM server; *wasabi_multijob* is a solution to the issue revolving around players being restricted to one job alone. What started out as a simple multi-job menu has now evolved into a full boss menu/default boss menu replacement.


  • Fully optimized
  • Adds all jobs to menu when player is awarded job they have not been awarded prior
  • Allows players to easily go on/off duty
  • Allows players to easily switch between a series of jobs
  • Boss menus that you can place anywhere, for any job, in the config with ease
  • Boss menus can be used to change rank/fire employees regardless if they are online or offline
  • Boss menu reads from wasabi_multijob SQL table rather than job column of users table (This ensures all employees are listed regardless of if they are clocked in & that the job is removed from list when fired)
  • Replace stock ESX boss menus
  • Ability to give bonuses to employees banks via boss menu even if employee is offline.
  • User’s active job will switch to the default off duty/unemployed job if they delete said job while on duty
  • Ability to blacklist jobs from being added to job menu (i.e. prisoner) *New!
  • Tasteful icons *New!
  • Automatically adds addon_account data and addon_account_data tables if needed (For easily adding boss menus without having to add data to SQL manually) *New!
  • Frequent updates and additions planned
  • Full support provided
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Config = {}

Config.JobMenuCommand = 'jobs' -- Command you want for opening job menu(/jobs default)
Config.JobMenuKey = 'F5' -- Configure to whichever desired key. Set to false if undesired

Config.MaxJobs = 4 -- Maximum jobs a player can have in their menu(Set to false to disable limit)

Config.OffDutyJob = {-- Job it switches you to while off duty.
    name = 'unemployed',
    grade = 0

Config.blacklist = { -- Jobs you don't want awarded to menu when given to player(I.e prisoner)
--  ['JOB_HERE'] = true,
    ['prisoner'] = true,

Config.BossMenus = { -- Configurable boss menus(Good for adding boss menus for any job that has a 'boss' grade)
    enabled = true, -- Easily disable completely by switching to false
    marker = { -- Marker configuration
        type = 27,
        color = {r = 50, g = 50, b = 204},
        drawDistance = 10
    locations = { -- Add/edit boss menu locations for defined jobs(Jobs must have a 'boss' grade to access menu)
    --  { coords = vector3(XX.XX, XX.XX, XX.XX), job = 'JOB_NAME_HERE' }, -- EXAMPLE
        {coords = vector3(-576.1141, -936.6058, 28.69531-0.9), job = "police", label = "POLICE"},
        {coords = vector3(334.95, -594.01, 43.28-0.9), job = "ambulance", label = "EMS"},

Strings = {
    -- All strings for language change purposes

    -- Notifications
    ['hired_header'] = 'You\'ve been Hired!',
    ['hired_content'] = 'A job has been awarded in your job menu.',
    ['alr_clocked'] = 'Already Clocked In',
    ['alr_clocked_desc'] = 'You are already clocked in to this job.',
    ['clocked_out'] = 'Clocked Out',
    ['clocked_out_desc'] = 'You have successfully clocked out.',
    ['deleted'] = 'Deleted',
    ['deleted_desc'] = 'Job successfully deleted.',
    ['no_perm'] = 'No Permision',
    ['no_perm_desc'] = 'You are not authorized to access this!',
    ['invalid_amount'] = 'Invalid Amount',
    ['invalid_amount_desc'] = 'Please input a valid amount!',
    ['deposit_successful'] = 'Deposit Successful',
    ['deposit_successful_desc'] = 'You have successfully deposited $%s in to the business account',
    ['lacking_funds'] = 'Lacking Funds',
    ['lacking_funds_desc'] = 'You don\'t have enough cash for this transaction',
    ['withdrawal_funds'] = 'Withdrawal Funds',
    ['withdrawal_successful'] = 'Withdrawal Successful',
    ['withdrawal_successful_desc'] = 'You have successfully withdrawaled $%s from the business account',
    ['success'] = 'Success',
    ['success_desc'] = 'Action Successful!',
    ['invalid_id'] = 'Invalid ID',
    ['invalid_id_desc'] = 'Player not found with ID entered',
    ['hire_success'] = 'Hire Successful',
    ['hire_success_desc'] = 'You have successfully hired %s',
    ['bonus_success_desc'] = 'You successfully send %s a $%s bonus',
    ['bonus_title'] = 'Bonus Received!',
    ['bonus_msg'] = 'You were granted a $%s employment bonus from %s.',
    ['no_money'] = 'Insufficient Funds',
    ['no_money_desc'] = 'There are not enough funds for this action',
    ['delete_confirm'] = 'Caution!',
    ['delete_confirm_desc'] = 'Are you sure you wish to delete this job?',
    ['fire_confirm_desc'] = 'Are you sure you wish to fire this employee?',
    ['cancelled'] = 'Cancelled',
    ['cancelled_desc'] = 'You cancelled your previous action',
    ['fired'] = 'Employee Terminated',
    ['fired_desc'] = 'You successfully fired the employee',

    --Main Menu
    ['offduty_header'] = 'Off Duty',
    ['clockedin_job'] = 'Current Job:',
    ['grade_label'] = 'Position:',
    ['no_jobs'] = 'No Saved Jobs!',
    ['nojob_desc'] = 'Try applying at local businesses',
    ['jobs_menu'] = 'Jobs Menu',
    ['go_back'] = '< Go Back',

    -- Job Clock In / Out / Delete Menu
    ['clock_in'] = 'Clock In',
    ['clock_out'] = 'Clock Out',
    ['delete_job'] = 'Delete Job',

    -- Boss Menu
    ['employee_list'] = 'Employee List',
    ['employee_count'] = 'You currently have %s employees',
    ['society_funds'] = 'Manage Funds',
    ['society_funds_desc'] = 'Total Funds:',
    ['currency'] = '$',
    ['deposit_funds'] = 'Deposit Funds',
    ['withdrawal_funds'] = 'Withdrawal Funds',
    ['amount'] = 'Amount:',
    ['job_position'] = 'Position:',
    ['job_salary'] = 'Salary:',
    ['edit_rank'] = 'Promote/Demote',
    ['edit_rank_desc'] = 'Position: %s | Salary: $%s',
    ['fire_employee'] = 'Terminate Employment',
    ['employee_list'] = 'Employees',
    ['current_position'] = '(Current)',
    ['hire_employee'] = 'Hire Employee',
    ['hire_employee_desc'] = 'Hire someone by ID',
    ['player_id'] = 'Player\'s ID:',
    ['give_bonus'] = 'Give Bonus',
    ['give_bonus_desc'] = 'Send an employee a bonus',
    ['open_boss_menu_3d'] = '[~b~E~w~] Access Boss Menu'
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