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This script shows an overlay screen if you’re not connected with SaltyChat

If you happen to be using FiveM with SaltyChat, you may have experienced instances where you’re not connected to SaltyChat, causing you to miss out on voice communication with other players. This is where a script comes in handy to alert you when you’re not connected.

The script is designed to detect when you’re not connected to SaltyChat and automatically displays an overlay screen on your gaming interface. The overlay will serve as a visual indicator to notify you that you’re not connected to SaltyChat and should take steps to connect to avoid missing out on crucial voice communication during gameplay.

By having this script installed, you no longer have to worry about missing out on important information during gameplay due to SaltyChat connection issues. With the overlay screen displayed on your interface, you can quickly identify the problem and take action to ensure you’re always connected to SaltyChat while using FiveM.

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