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Secret Mafia Boss Room, perfect for Gang Boss or Mafia Boss

or for ESX_Drugs script usage. Gang Map MLO

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Door coordinates:

place : outside gate
Name of door : patoche_secret_bossroom_doorext
position : X:577.8744 Y:-2804.136 Z:7.084585

place : secret elec door left
Name of door : patoche_secret_bossroom_door2
position : X:562.6608 Y:-2794.105 Z:6.440019

place : secret elec door right
Name of door : patoche_secret_bossroom_door1
position : X:563.549 Y:-2792.628 Z:6.437999

place : bossroom door
Name of door : ex_p_mp_door_apart_door_black
position : X:552.0214 Y:-2787.323 Z:6.24807

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