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VIP+ Radio V2 (Ultimate Edition)

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The radio every roleplay community needs.


• Easy to use config where you can enable/disable certain features.

• You can move the radio wherever you want on the screen in-game.

• Has 14 different colours to choose from which can be changed in the config and also optionally have the ability for players to change their radio colour in-game using optional radio items or commands.

• Supports Server Core and QBCore callsigns but also has a system in place for standalone users to set character names and callsigns within the radio UI.

• Different screens to join channels and change your displayed radio name and callsign.

• Supports my server core, qbcore and esx but can be used without them as a standalone resource.

• Supports pma-voice.

• Optional list that displays everyone in your channel with an optional command to toggle it in-game and lights up when they talk, can also optionally show yourself.

• Whitelisted channels.

• Config option for mic clicks.

• Buttons to turn off, switch between light and dark mode and change the volume on the radio.

• Optional radio item for ESX and QBCore.

• Optional keybind to open the radio.

• Includes inventory icons for every radio colour available.

• Option to set custom radio channel names in the config.

• If using ESX, QB-Core or Server Core it will automatically use their notification systems instead of the default one.

You need PMA Voice
and RP Radio

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Config file:

Scully = {
Framework = 'none', -- Server Core = scully_core, ESX = es_extended, QBCore = qb-core, Standalone = none
RadioColour = 'default', -- Options are default, blue, brown, cherry, coral, cyan, green, mint, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow
AllowColours = true, -- Disable if you don't want people to be able to change their radio colour in-game
ColourCommand = 'rcolour', -- Set to '' if you don't want to allow changing with a command, command is /rcolour 1-11
EnableList = true, -- Set to false to disable the player list
HideListCommand = 'rlist', -- Set to '' if you don't want to allow hiding the list with a command, command is /rlist
ShowSelf = true, -- Enable if you want your own name to be shown on the radio list
EnableEditing = true, -- Disable if you don't want to allow players to change their names and callsigns on the radio
MicClicks = true, -- Disable if you don't want mic clicks
RadioAnims = true, -- Disable if you don't want to use radio animations for holding the radio
UseItem = false, -- Enable if you want to use the radio as an item, will only work for QBCore and ESX
UseItemColours = false, -- Enable if you want to use different items for each colour, this will disable the command also
UseKeybind = 'u', -- Set to '' if you don't want to use the radio as a keybind, can be changed here for first use only or in your fivem keybind settings
UseCustomChannelNames = true, -- Enable if you want custom channel names to be displayed on the radio
ChannelNames = { -- Channel names have a limit of 7 characters or they won't display
[6.25] = 'LEO RTO',
[6.30] = 'EMT RTO'
WhitelistedAccess = { -- What channels should be whitelisted and what jobs should have access to them?
[1] = {
['police'] = true,
['ems'] = true
[2] = {
['police'] = true,
['ems'] = true
AcePerms = { -- Not needed unless Framework is set to 'none'

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  1. VITO 『G59』

    Good quality.

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