VMS Clothestore




  • Compatibility with ESX and QB-Core
  • Compatibility with esx_skin / qb-clothing / fivem-appearance / illenium-appearance
  • Automatic adaptation of the camera to a given body part
  • Possibility to set the animation that the ped performs during character creation
  • Interaction sounds can be turned off
  • Ability to disable/enable individual categories for each stores (you can do jewelry shop only with chains, earrings, watches)
  • The ability to use the script with a marker or with a trigger that will be called, for example, by npctalk.
  • Ability to set access to player’s dressing room in stores.
  • Ability to set the possibility to save the created outfits after buy.
  • The ability to change the values on the sliders using the arrows on the keyboard or with mouse.
  • Compatible with other resolutions
  • Full JS translation.
  • Full support.
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