Hello, friend! Let me guess: You’re looking for a Tebex alternative? Don’t search any longer, whatever reason you have, we can help you with this. Our brand “ESX-Scripts” is exactly the thing you’re looking for selling your FiveM creations. Whether you want to sell scripts, maps or simple mods written in C#, LUA or JS, you can do that with our marketplace for FiveM. Start selling your FiveM resources today!

#1 alternative: FiveM-mods.net

ESX Scripts is the best FiveM Tebex alternative for sellers and buyers
ESX Scripts is the best FiveM Tebex alternative for sellers and buyers

FiveM-mods is a marketplace for the game ‘FiveM’, which is a modification software for Grand Theft Auto V (a game which is older than 7 years already). We offer a platform to distribute and advertise for own-created programs/digital products, called ‘scripts’ or ‘maps’. These downloads are extensions for game servers.

Offer your customers the best and start selling your scripts and maps today!
here are many reasons to use our platform, as we will show you now.

What you can sell on ESX-Scripts

The next list shows what FiveM developers can sell on our platform:

  • Scripts (Frameworks: ESX, QBUS or Standalone)
  • MLO maps
  • Ymap files
  • Standalone scripts
  • Vehicles (models, liveries, designs, wheels etc)
  • Anticheat systems
  • Full servers (QB/ESX/Own Frameworks)

We ask our vendors to give our customers the best support. No encryptions.

Your benefits you will have from ESX-Scripts

There are lots of benefits you will get if you use our marketplace as Tebex alternative. We give you a little hint here – we can help you with boosting sales online specifically for FiveM.

Our customers the brand

Ever heard of us? Probably yes. Famous and popular servers trust on the services of our marketplace. Our brand stands for “making servers better” and a great support. We have talked to a lot of customers and they really enjoy our services. With our brand, you can gain trust and get sales.

Very low fees

The fees on ESX-Scripts are, compared to Tebex, lower. Do not pay whatever you don’t need to. Just pay 15% to our platform and get access to a lot of customers.

Easy interface

It is easy to add new products and manage them. Also: Update them right away from your dashboard. No need to learn coding or anything! Everything is easy and easily manageable.

Support management

Tired of people writing you on Discord? No need anymore for that! Give your customers a possibility to send you support messages here. As vendor, you just log in to your dashboard to answer them right away. Find solutions with your customer without contacting our ESX-Scripts support.

We help you increasing sales and further!

Need support? Do not worry at all! We know that support counts and it’s important to support the customers, as you should also support yours! With us, you will find a good solution and partner to work with, we promise that. Whether you have questions to payout or refunds, we will give you a helping hand.

High conversion rate

We integrate a high checkout page to guarantee a high conversion rate for you. Offer discounts or any special offers to your own customers. You can also create your own coupons with our platform. Many solutions help you to increase your sales and revenue. What are you waiting for? Do it!

Affiliate marketing sales

In future, we will also offer a distribution way of affiliate marketing. Buyers can recommend your products and get a small percentage of the sales. Cool, right? Just wait for it.

Register as vendor today on ESX-Scripts

You create maps or scripts? You want to sell them right away without big hassle or problems? Don’t worry, you’ve find the right platform for it: ESX Scripts! Register now on ESX Scripts to offer mods and resources for FiveM.

Other Tebex alternatives for 2022

There are also multiple other ways to sell or distribute your products, of course. We can tell you some ways here, to give you some help/ideas on how to say goodbye to Tebex and search for an alternative, if you dont want to work with us!

Selly.io (link)

Selly.io offers eCommerce and payments integration
Selly.io offers eCommerce and payments integration

The platform Selly.io offers direct payment integrations and eCommerce stores.

For eCommerce and payment

The pricing is 2-packaged: 19.99$/month for the Starter package and 59.99$/month for the Plus package. The Plus package features 10 extra shop members, custom domain, product delivery openings, live analytics, custom pages and export orders/products.

Also, they offer unlimited resources, webhooks, coupons and blacklists for any of your shops.

Shopify (link)

Price packages of Shopify

Creaate your own store with Shopify. With this platform you can create own web shops but you also have to manage every single aspect of the site. It’s amazing that Shopify offers a webhosting included and you do not need to host your own shop on your own server. You just simply go right away and set up a shop directly.

The pricing

Shopify offers 3 pricing models (including a 14-day trial): Basic 29$, Shopify 79$, Advanced 299$. (all per month)

There are no setup fees and you can use your own domain name to use on your shop at any time. So don’t worry about branding. But think about a good name.

Sellfy (link)

Sellfy says they offer a solution to get up a store and running in 5 minutes. However, we would suggest taking more time to set up your products and adding pictures, videos, etc. to it. But this is also one alternative you can use to create a little store for your products. Sellfy has a free package for 10 products. They offer solutions from 19$ a month to up to 99$ a month. They also offer a free trial. Check out their pricings on their page.

Another special tip from us

Choose the right partner as Tebex alternative, that has knowledge in the business. For FiveM, we can offer that. Also make sure to pay the right taxes and always update your products for your customers. Also, we ask our vendors to respect intellectual property and only upload products that are non-copyright. Vendors are not allowed to upload mods that they didn’t create.


Whatever you’re looking for: It’s important to choose a good partner to start with, if you want to boost your FiveM sales. If you are looking for the best Tebex alternative for FiveM customers, ESX-Scripts.com is the best choice for you. We have high traffic and many customers looking for new FiveM downloads – why not yours? Try it today and get a boost on sales.

Whenever you need help, let us know. Start selling digital goods / downloads for FiveM today.

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