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The best FiveM anticheats (FREE)

Today we present the best FiveM anticheats for GTA! Many server owners struggle because of cheaters, modders and hackers. There are a couple of hacks and mod menus for FiveM and money hacks for ESX framework. Hackers are quite annoying but there are a couple of anticheat resources for FiveM.

Here you can find a summary of the best (free) FiveM anticheat systems on the market. Please remember: We do not guarantee that those work to 100%!

Tigo Anticheat

Tigo Anticheat is made to detect cheaters. It is a server sided script and all client-side files are built dynamically. The client files from this Anticheat system are hidden and encrypted. It is also possible to whitelist IPs abd bans.

The best free (soft) anticheat for FiveM

There is no best. But we recommend the Badger Anticheat, as it is still maintained and can be easily adjusted to your own needs.

Description: Badger-Anticheat can detect modders noclipping, spectating, and even faking chat messages. Badger-Anticheat also will stop the spawning of peds from modders. Don’t worry! AI are safe, but Badger-Anticheat just prevents the peds modders spawn from being spawned. Badger-Anticheat also stops blacklisted props from being spawned via the Config blacklisted list. If Badger-Anticheat can successfully find the modder who spawned the prop, it then kicks them and logs this via a Discord webhook. The code is quite simple, yet effective. I saw there was no real good anticheats on the forums, so I thought I should put one together. Some of the code comes from other developers, therefore I made sure to credit them within the code too.

Download it here.

Keep in mind: Even Rockstar suffers from hackers. There is no 100% guarantee to be protected, even the best anticheats don’t work to 100%!

🎉 Winner: The best premium anticheat

Are you looking for a 99% safe way to ban hackers? With discord log and included admin menu? Then this premium anticheat system might be the best one for you, check it out:

Only for a limited time | Don’t give hackers/modders a chance. Ban them right away with this anti cheat protection.

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