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The Business Model of NoPixel | How it works

What is NoPixel?

The popular FiveM server Nopixel by “Koil” is a paid-only server that was primarily created to earn money. The server is a roleplay-based server. But how does Nopixel make money and what is its business model?

The owner “Koil” (Mitchell-James Clout)

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NoPixel creator Koil

Koil (Mitchell-James Clout) is an Australian who had set himself the goal of making money with a private GTA server. The turnover is substantial: according to him, he earns $10,000 a month.

How the business model works

Once you registered on his website, to play on the “real Nopixel server”, you have to pay a fee of at least $30 via PayPal or Stripe/Card:

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Please note that this is server is subscription based, so if you don’t cancel the subscription, you will pay more and more cash.

Once you are an active player on Nopixel, you can buy upgrades from Koil’s Tebex store:

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Whenever you buy something, Koil (Mitchell-James Clout) earns money. And it’s a lot of money he earns.

Many popular Twitch streamers, who have a significant following on the platform, have been known to promote and advertise Nopixel, the online gaming server, by showcasing their gameplay on the server to their audience. These streamers are often compensated by the server’s owner, Koil, for their efforts in attracting new players to the server.

This type of advertising and marketing strategy can be highly effective, as it allows Nopixel to reach a larger and potentially untapped audience through the influence and credibility of popular streamers. By playing on the server and recommending it to their followers, these streamers can help to drive traffic and interest in Nopixel, potentially leading to an increase in new users and revenue for the server. It is important to note that this type of advertising arrangement is common in the online gaming industry and can be a mutually beneficial relationship for both the server and the streamer.

How much does it cost to run a FiveM server?

It has been reported by some sources that the monthly operating costs for Nopixel, a popular online gaming server, are around $10,000. However, this information is incorrect. In reality, the cost of hosting a server of this nature is typically closer to the range of $300 to $500 per month. This cost does not include any payments made to developers or map creators, which could potentially add additional expenses to the overall budget. It is important to note that these estimates are based on average industry standards and may vary depending on the specific needs and resources of the server in question.

Reasons to avoid NoPixel

There are several reasons to avoid playing on the Nopixel server:

  • The quality of the roleplay is average/bad
  • NoPixel is a pay-to-play server
  • The server is heavily monetized

However, it is up to you to choose whether to play there (or not).

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