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The Collective RP

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The Collective

Player owned Housing| Bobcat Heist| Boosting| Big Vault| Paleto Bank | Fleeca Banks| Jewelry |Bank Trucks| House Robberies| Chopping | Drugs | Casino

Come Join Us!

We offer a fully optimized server that will fulfill all your RP needs. Our active staff is dedicated to make sure everyone is having fun and the RP quality is at its peak. We are inviting RPers at all levels!

Things our city offers:

Civilian Group jobs: Restaurants/Fast Food, Hunting, Package delivery, tow truck, taxi, recycling/garbage, fishing and more!!

(Group Jobs )

Jobs: Cops, EMS, Mechanics, Tuner Shops, Realtor, Lawyer, Judge, PDM, News, Boat Dealerships, etc…

Criminal Activities:

Bobcat Heist, Boosting, Big Vault, Paleto Bank, Fleeca Banks, Jewelry, Bank Trucks, House Robberies, Racing, Chopping, drugs and many many more!

If you are interested, join our discord where all the info you need to join our city.

*We are a serous RP server. Please take the time to read the rules. If you do not understand something, please do not hesitate to ask the community or any staff members!

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