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Helpful Tools for FiveM

We created a list of cool tools for FiveM server owners and players.

FiveM AI

FiveM AI

This clever tool uses Artificial Intelligence to help you create code for your FiveM server. It can also help you change and translate LUA scripts, which are important for your server. It makes things easier for both experienced developers and beginners, so you can have a better time playing FiveM.

backstory generator

Backstory Generator

Creating a compelling backstory for your characters is essential for adding depth and authenticity to your storytelling or role-playing experience. A well-crafted backstory can help you understand your character’s motivations, values, and personality better. This tool can generate your backstory so you don’t have to write it on your own.

Server Name Generator

Server Name Generator

With this tool, you can generate server names that match your server’s theme, style, or gameplay. Whether you’re running a role-playing server, a racing server, or something completely unique, our generator can provide you with creative and catchy names that will make your server stand out.

Server Rules Image

Server Rule Generator

This tool allows users to generate a customized list of rules for their FiveM servers. In addition to allowing users to create their own custom rule sets, the script also provides a comprehensive list of common rules that can be used on FiveM servers. These rules cover a wide range of topics, including hacking and cheating, harassment, discrimination, and the appropriate use of chat.

Naturalvision Image

Naturalvision Evolved

Get ready to take your GTA 5 gaming adventure to the next level of realism! Step into the world of cutting-edge graphics with the game-changing ÔÇťNaturalvision EvolvedÔÇŁ GPU mod designed for GTA 5 in 2023. As gaming tech marches forward, keeping up with top-notch visuals is key. Lucky for you, creative modders are on a mission to enhance the visual splendor of your beloved games.

Thanks to RaZeD for this fantastic mod!



A nice voice plugin for RP servers



FivePD is a fun game mode for FiveM that lets you pretend to be a cop. It’s like a game within a game. You can play with your friends or other people online. It’s inspired by a popular mod called ‘LSPD;FR’ that lets you be a cop in the single-player game, and FivePD brings that experience to multiplayer, so you can work together with your friends or interact with other players in the game world.

Screenshot of vMenu (for FiveM)


vMenu for FiveM is an admin menu designed for server administration. With permissions, server owners can configure and manage FiveM servers.

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