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Our Top 10 FiveM maps (MLOs)

Greetings members of the FiveM community, we are delighted to present another addition to our collection.

We understand that discovering new FiveM maps, such as MLOs or YMaps, can be a challenging task. Hence, we reached out to you, the FiveM community, to compile a list of the top 10 most beloved map extensions for your FiveM server. The addition of new maps to your server is vital, as the standard GTA 5 map can often be limiting.

To create an engaging and visually appealing GTA 5 roleplay server, these MLOs expand the scope of your world. Our team has meticulously tested each map and we are optimistic that you will find our list to be of great value.

How to install FiveM maps

To install custom maps for your FiveM server, simply drag&drop the folder of the map right into your resources folder. Then, afterwards, start the resource (add the start/ensure right into your server config file to make this automated). Let us know if you need help with installing or anything!

#1: The Vespucci PD

This interior consists of 17 parts: an external building, 2 stairs, 2 elevators and 12 internal interiors that can be turned on and off. Just copy the data/files or leave them to enable and disable them. This map is made by UncleJust and one of the most popular police station extensions that are available for FiveM.

It’s an MLO with many rooms by UncleJust. It has a detective bureau, a captains office, office staff, lieutenant office, operation center, a gym, cloakrooms, balcony, shower, toilets, briefing tooms, K9, armory rooms, jail cells etc pp. Perfectly for your server!

The map is quite huge and amazing.

#2: The Nopixel Pillbox Hospital

This Pillbox hospital map by Gabz offers over 30 rooms to RP the medic ambulance roleplay! It is funished wiith over 1600 objects and optimized to run on 0.01ms.

This original hospital map is being used on the Nopixel server originally. Feel free to edit all textures or colors, as you can change from blue to another color without any problems. You can open all files with OpenIV.

Also note that this hospital building has multiple stories, one on the top and one right under.

#3: The Diamond Casino MLO 2023

The new Diamond Casino offers a main hall, gambling rooms and a big garage. It also offers offices and bars, as well as VIP rooms!

Have fun in gambling and playing with your friends and other strangers around the city, in this luxury casino.

#4: The Redline Performance Tuner Shop

The Redline Performance Shop offers a big garage, paint booth, a showroom for 3 cars, an office and bathroom. It also features a warehouse and a secret room, and a VIP showroom with a garage, a meeting room, a kitchen, offices and also a showroom for 3 cars.

This is one huge premium upgrade for your mechanics on your server. Try it out!

#5: Sunrise Autos for San Andreas

The Sunrise Autos is a new Luxury cardealer for your server. It has a large showroom, two offices, a center podium and two bay garage entrances. It is made by LB Customs and offers a great possibility to enhance your RP experience.

Give your cardealer a special feeling in selling cars, vehicles, trucks or anything luxurious – perfect for the import cars of your server, right? Try it out, people will love it.

#6: Custom Vanilla Unicorn

The very nice Vanilla Unicorn, extended and expanded for your stripclub! It has various rooms and a complete re-work of the interior of the Unicorn.

The interior is much bigger and better to celebrate partys and make huge festivals. Your server will have better events by using this map! It also comes with a nice bar included.

#7: The Department of Justice City Hall

To offer your server a good cityhall and politics building, you could try this one. It is near Vespucci (middle of the map) and is really well designed.

The DoJ building offers a great place for your FiveM server to discuss with people, a big hall for new jobs etc. It also offers conference rooms and gives your player the space to chill around.

Try out the Department of Justice and enjoy roleplaying as cityhall director or president.

#8: Rockford Hills Fire Department MLO

Your Fire Department is looking for a new home? A new place to be? Right in the middle of the city, so it can be ready to go on duty when any house is on fire? Don’t look any further!

This MLO for your Fire Department is really dope. Try it out. It offers big garages, conference rooms, play/free time rooms and offices. It also has bath rooms, rooms for clothes etc. Firefighters will love this map and will enjoy the attractive area of the housings.

#9: Mount Zonah Hospital

The MZ-Hospital for FiveM (MLO) is a new hospital in Mount Zonah. It has multiple stories and stages, many offices and treating rooms. It is one of the most loved and attractive hospital maps for FiveM.

An overview of the map can be found on this page:

Only one stage can only be reached via teleport, the rest is MLO. The teleport script is also included in the download.

#10: Mansion 08 by brofx

One (if not the) biggest mansion FiveM maps is this one. It’s perfect for living alone, with a partner or even as a gang or mafia. Use it as a HQ for your gang and spend time there, listen to music or chill. This villa makes everything possible.

This huge mansion is one of the biggest and best for mafia gangs. Also check out the YouTube channel of BroFX for more mansions. You can also check them out on ESX Scripts.

Did we miss a FiveM map you like?

In case we might have missed a FiveM map, that you really love, comment and share your ideas (or even links) right down below. Of course these top 10 maps don’t mean that these maps are “important” for your server, but it’s likely they expand your gameplay experience on FiveM. And one thing is sure: Your players will love them.

Thanks for reading our blog post, stay safe and secure out there, friends!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, check out the other maps by clicking the button below.

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