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txAdmin servertool for FiveM

Welcome to txAdmin – a completely free to use tool for your FiveM server!

txAdmin is a full-featured web panel to manage and monitor your FiveM server via the web. It is used by over 18 thousand servers worldwide.

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txAdmin features

  • Click-to-play- based Server Deployer: create a server in under 60 seconds!
  • Start/Stop/Restart your server instance or resources
  • Server Performance Charts (monitor your server)
  • Access control:
    • Login via Password or CitizenFX
    • Admin permission system (more info)
    • Action logging
    • Brute-force protection
  • Discord Integration:
    • Server status command (/status)
    • Add to Whitelist command (/addwl)
    • Command spam prevention
  • Monitoring:
    • Auto Restart FXServer on crash
    • Server’s CPU/RAM consumption
    • Live Console (with log file and command history)
    • Online players chart
    • Server Activity Log (connections/disconnections, kills, chat, explosions and custom commands)
  • Player Manager:
    • Warning system
    • Ban (temporary or permanently) system
    • Whitelist system
    • Take notes about players
    • Keep track of player’s play and session time
    • Import bans from EasyAdmin, BanSQL, vMenu, vRP, el_bwh
    • Self-contained player database with backup tool (no MySQL required!)
    • Clean/Optimize the database by removing old players, or bans/warns/whitelists
  • Real-time playerlist
  • Scheduled restarts with warning announcements and custom events (more info)
  • Translation Support (more info)
  • FiveM’s Server CFG editor
  • Responsive web interface with Dark Mode 😎

How to install txAdmin on your server (Windows/Linux)

Currently txAdmin is included in all FXServer builds above 2524, so to run it for the first time simply do the following:

  • Update FXServer to the latest artifact/build (2524 or superior)
  • If Windows, run FXServer.exe | If Linux, run screen ./run.sh
  • Open one of the URLs shown and configure txAdmin

After that you could also run the start_<build>_<profile>.bat file created, or call it via cmd/bash if you want to edit the ConVars (ex http port).

txAdmin requires to be launched from inside FXServer in monitor mode, to do that, just execute the run.sh or FXServer.exe without any +exec arguments.


  • serverProfile: The name of the server profile to start. Profiles are saved/loaded from the current directory inside the txData folder. The default is default.
  • txAdminPort: The TCP port to use as HTTP Server. The default is 40120.
  • txAdminInterface: The interface to use as HTTP Server. The default is
  • txDataPath: The path of the data folder. The default on Windows is <citizen_root>/../txData and on Linux <citizen_root>/../../../txData.
  • txAdminVerbose: Set to true to print on the console more detailed information about errors and events. The default is false.

ConVar usage example for different port and profile:

# Windows
./FXServer.exe +set serverProfile dev_server +set txAdminPort 40121

# Linux
./run.sh +set serverProfile dev_server +set txAdminPort 40121

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