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Welcome to V1Gaming, we would like to invite you to come on our journey with us. We are starting up a new server V1Gaming. We have so much to offer within our community. Below are a few of the features we have with thousands of more of hidden content.

Server Features

• Fully working phone with SMS & Twitter picture messaging. (Twitter links to Discord too!)
• Several EUP packs have been added, loads of custom clothing
• Custom inventory
• Easy to use player-rob system based on handsup & aiming
• Intuative use of our ‘third-eye’ mechanic, used extensively with our whitelisted jobs
• Great care to ensure a lack of /commands (most things are prompt/item based)
• Buy a house anywhere in the City, complete with Real-Estate job
• Upkeep and tax system for owned properties
• Fully functional motel system with persistent inventory
• Buy and sell using the Inventory UI within shops
• Motel System
• Ability to upgrade vehicle performance & Cosmetics
• Garage System
• Car Finance
• Fully functional stress system, with ways to relax (both legal and illegal)
• Postal map added server side, no more getting lost!
• Custom HUD
• 100’s of emotes
• Clothing Wheel added so you can adjust your look on the fly
• Completely custom outfit system, with preview & list of each outfit
• Custom handling for our vehicles. (Realism without draining the fun!)
• Functional Diamond Casino, including Poker, Blackjack and Slot Machines.
• 50+ Custom Optimized Vehicles
• Vehicle wear and tear system, ensure you keep your vehicle serviced and tackle any problems your vehicle may throw at you!


• Multiple drug types with multiple tiers to interact with!
• Vehicle Chopshop
• Money-wash available
• Sell drugs to peds across the map, or perhaps sell to organizations for profit
• Using drugs provides different benefits, there is no ‘smoke weed to get armor’ here
• Every store can be held up
• Every store can have it’s safe breached
• Vangelico’s can have it’s stock taken
• Every bank can be robbed using various methods & items
• House robberies
• Keycard system to ensure even petty crimes are worthwhile
• Several minigames available for different things
• Rob shipments around the map
• Hack ATMs for a quick cash payout
• Extensive Underground Street Racing, complete with custom courses and time trials!
• Anyone can create an organization and use it for any purpose, both legal and illegal.
• Each organization has various features, MOTD, Missions to be set, shared bank account & more.
• Progress your organization and apply to become a ‘whitelisted organization’ – complete with MLO and additional benefits.

Server info is available here

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