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Boosting | Vin Scratching | Immersive Gangs | 5+ Heists | House Robberies | Custom Businesses | Civilian Opportunities | Dynamic Black Market | 5+ Law Enforcement Agencies | Bounty Hunting | Custom Cars | Custom Clothes | DOJ | Housing | Custom Weapons | Crafting | Fresh Economy | Great Community

Come join a Community where the the players and staff are working together to build something special. Custom Framework, Scripts, and Systems that give you a place to build the stories and connections that RP was made for!
The Specifics:
Civilians- 25+ Jobs, Integrated Economy, Custom Tattoos, Custom Cars, Mayoral Elections, Realtors, Bounty Hunting, Hunting, Fishing, and more.

Law Enforcement- LSPD, BCSO, FIB, SASP, Evidence, DNA, Custom MDT, Weapon Registry, Impounding and Seizing Vehicles, and more.

DOJ- Judges, Criminal Lawyers, District Attorneys

Medical- treatment system, multiple hospitals, working blood tests, rescue and hospital expressions, working MRIs and Xrays.

Criminal- Prison jobs and economy, Community Service option for small crimes, over 10 robberies including heists, integrated dynamic black market system, custom weapons, custom drugs, 10+ drugs, vin scratch, boosting, weapon crafting with level system, criminal progression system, and much more.

Gangs- Turfs, custom clothes, custom war scripts, corner selling, shared garages, shared inventories, gang on gang stash robberies, and more.

*If you like what you see and want to give us a shot, join our discord to get started!*

Currently hiring in all Law Enforcement departments, for EMS, and DOJ positions.
The first three Criminal Groups of 5 or more that join that bring quality RP will receive a free Criminal Org package from our webstore!

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