What is GTA V Roleplay? How to start playing

As GTA RP continues to gain interest, we decided to write a small post about it here to bring the topic of Roleplay and GTA Server closer.

What is GTA Roleplay?

GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer mod for the game “Grand Theft Auto V” and quite popular on Twitch. This mod allows players to play on dedicated roleplay servers, for example NoPixel. These roleplaying servers have programmed their own servers that work independently of Rockstar Games and are privately operated.

The GTA 5 RP mod is based on FiveM and allows the player to slip into a unique role, which is not possible in GTA Online for example. Players can play as truck drivers, cops or robbers and embody their character. That means you have to behave as realistically as possible. Anyone who doesn’t do this (or generally violates RP rules) must expect consequences and will be banned from the server.

Who can join the RP servers?

In principle, anyone can create such servers. You can find out how in our guide.

Generally speaking, there are servers that are whitelisted and those that are public.

What is a whitelist?

Servers that are whitelisted are private. Only players who pass previous tests created by the server operator are allowed to play on it.
These tests can be questions asked on websites (questionnaires) or verbal conversations on Discord/Teamspeak.

Only players who are on the whitelist are allowed to play. You can compare this to a guest list for a party. While non-whitelisted servers are completely public, whitelisted servers require an application. All you need is:

Can console players (Playstation/XBox) play GTA RP?

Unfortunately, no. The GTA RP mod only works on PC.
This will not change until Rockstar Games decides to release a RP mode for GTA 6. But that still takes a long time.

How to join a server on FiveM

There are several ways to find a suitable FiveM server for your gaming experience.

The FiveM server list in game

There is an official list of all public servers (master list) when you open the game. But you can also find them here:

Our server list

We (i.e. the ones who wrote this article you are reading right now) also made a list. Check it out:

Facebook or Discord Groups

Many also find their server community through Facebook or Discord. There are a few of these groups, just google them and find the best. Check out the member numbers.

The most popular servers

There are a lot of famous servers like:

  • NoPixel
  • GTA World
  • Eclipse RP
  • FiveRP

If you want to see the full list, check it out here:

How to create a GTA RP server

We created a tutorial about how to create a GTA RP server on our page. Click the button below to read our tutorial!

Things to consider

GTA RP is a great and awesome way to discover a new way of gaming. It’s fun to follow RP moments on Twitch and also enjoy playing GTA V RP yourself. Nevertheless, the following important things should be noted:

  • Follow the rules of the server owner
  • Use a decent microphone. Noise is annoying.
  • FailRP happens, but you should avoid it.
  • Do not talk about real-life things while being ingame!
  • Learn to lose.
  • Sometimes it’s better to play RP with fewer players than with too many!

GTA V Roleplay has quickly become one of the most popular game modes among gamers, streamers and communities. This variant is not only fun for die-hard GTA fans. Turn your dream into virtual reality. Make up stories and live them.

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