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What’s GTA Roleplay and how to play it?

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V are now recreating reality on roleplay servers. The whole thing is good entertainment and content for Twitch streamers. GTA Roleplay gives the player the chance to play a character and his story. The trend has been rising steadily since 2018 and is now the reason why the Twitch viewer numbers for the game GTA 5 are skyrocketing. You take on a role, for example a character who is a taxi driver – or an upper floor of a gang. Realistic behavior is important – so act like in real life. The advantage over the original Grand Theft Auto V is that you can talk and interact with fellow players. So trading, swapping and other things are easily possible. There is the direction of the criminal line – for example as a mafiosi or gangster – or that of the cop. You can also be a businessman and run your coffee. You are spoiled for your own choice.

The decisive factor: roleplay. React like in real life.

Playing your own story, communication, the appearance of your character in the game – all of this is important to have a great, extraordinary and extensive roleplay. You can also buy houses, cars or entire yachts on an RP server. It just matters that everything fits your character. For example, a super sports car as a homeless person is not realistic, unless he works his way up from dishwasher to millionaire. Then that’s fine again and fits your character’s story.

Register and start playing.

Register on FiveRP and play real life – purely virtually and in front of the PC. There are already many Twitch streamers and role players who play on the FiveRP server every day and tell their story. Register now and join the FiveRP server! Click here to register on the best german RP server.

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