Zaphosting data breach

Zaphostings second data breach

Hello people! It happened again: Zaphosting has suffered under a hackers data breach, once again.

“An unfortunate bit of news that I felt that needed to be shared amongst our users…
On 22 November 2021, Zap Hosting suffered a data breach that exposed the details of over 746,000+ clients.

The breach details were added to the service ‘Have I Been Pwned’ as of today (19 March 2022):

Compromised Data Details

  • Browser User Agent Details
  • Chat logs
  • E-Mail addresses
  • IP Addresses
  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Physical addresses
  • Purchase details

I would advise that you change all passwords and monitor all accounts for unusual activity. Especially, if you use the same password for all online activities. Please be aware that phishing attempts may be likely as your personal details were leaked, please be wary of such e-mails.

For more information, I’d advise keeping an eye on ZAP public facing social media accounts.

Have a good day,

– Mike

Community Administrative Director

Management Team
GTA Police Mods”

Here is the information:

Our tips: We do not recommend to book a service on Zaphosting. Your data is NOT safe there. If you booked something, ask for a refund or consult a lawyer.

Zaphosting is a german hoster for FiveM servers, web servers, domains and other hosts. They have had already a data breach so this is the second time.

Zaphosting was hacked once before

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